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LaGrange League Hosts Meeting on Gun Licensing

The LaGrange LWV hosted a workshop on gun owner licensing at the LaGrange Public Library. Over 50 people attended, including State Representatives Chris Welch and Mary Flowers, Eileen Minahan, District Director for Senator Christine Radogno, Mayor Sean McDermott, City of Countryside.

Also in attendance were several members of local law enforcement: Chief Tom Weitzel, Village of Riverside, Chief Joseph G. Ford, City of Countryside, Officer Fran Marrocco of La Grange Park, Lieutenant Chris Milojevich of Hodgkins, and Deputy Chief Andrew Peters of La Grange.

LaGrange League to Show "Hunting Ground" Movie at LTHS

When: Saturday, May 14th, 7pm

Where: LTHS Performing Arts Center

The League of Women Voters of the La Grange Area is hosting a free screening of the award-winning documentary THE HUNTING GROUND at LTHS South Campus Performing Arts Center on May 14 at 7 P.M.

This powerful film explores the problem of rape on campus and how students--both males and females--can protect themselves. It also exposes how some universities have attempted to bury the number of reported sexual assaults and misrepresent the legal rights of victims. Over time, laws have been changed as a result of this documentary, the movement behind it, and its story of two University of North Carolina undergrads who discovered the legal protection afforded to all students under Title IX.

The screening is free of charge and open to the community. It is appropriate for older high school students, and is recommended for seniors--many of whom will be off to college in a matter of months--and their parents.

Download Press Release here

Cook County League Releases New Criminal Justice Report

Jan Goldberg, long time member of the LaGrange League, has prepared a comprehensive report on the state of criminal justice in Cook County.

"This report is the culmination of 18 months of research by the above group. We interviewed over 20 major stakeholders in the Cook County Criminal Justice System and professors in the criminal justice field, read countless criminal justice articles, and visited 5 area Bond Courts and the Cook County Jail. We were motivated by the growing numbers of non-violent detainees at the jail who were languishing there due to their inability to post bond. We saw this as a primary civil rights issue. We also were motivated by the report by the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts that came up with 40 recommendations for improving justice at the pre-trial level."

Read a summary of the report here. And download the entire report here.

2016 Meeting Topics

January - Book Discussion: The New Jim Crow

February - Supreme Court Decisions

March - Cost of Pharmaceuticals

April - Gun Licensing

May - Rape on Campus

June - Annual Business Meeting

State League Takes Action on Budget Impasse

Here are two letters recently distributed to the Chicago Tribune; the letter from the League of Women Voters of Illinois was distributed to other outlets as well.



The upshot of the joint letter (signed by Illinois Campaign for Political Reform, the League of Women Voters of Illinois and other reform groups) is that Governor Rauner invited legislative leaders to a meeting in his office on November 18th.

While we had hoped there would be representatives of the reform groups who signed the letter invited to the meeting, we remain somewhat hopeful that the meeting could be constructive. Stay tuned for details but it is clear that the letter had impact.

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